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A comprehensive range of electrically driven stainless steel vertical multi-stage pumps designed to transfer clear and non abrasive liquids over a wide range of discharge flow rates and pressures. The inlet and outlet connections are positioned inline and a variety of connections are available on request.

This multi-functional product can be used in a diverse range of applications from domestic water pressurisation to transfer of industrial liquids. The CDLF (all stainless steel construction) can be used for the transfer of corrosive liquids, the CDL (stainless steel construction with cast iron base and connections) is designed for cleaner less corrosive liquids.


  • Cooling water systems
  • Municipal water supply and boosting
  • Domestic water supply
  • Irrigation
  • General industrial services
  • Washing plants
  • Boiler feed and condensate system
  • Water treatment


  • Capacity: up to 240m³/h
  • Head: up to 305m
  • Temperature up to 120ºC
  • Speed: 2900rpm or 3500rpm
  • Up to 110kw motor
  • Standard motor
  • Cartridge mechanical seal design

* A variety of connections available on request.

Please Note: This product requires careful selection and our sales team will be pleased to advise on your requirements.
CDL/CDLF1CDL/CDLF10.0ADN2544210.37 - 2.2 P.O.A
CDL/CDLF2CDL/CDLF20.0BDN2546230.37 - 3 P.O.A
CDL/CDLF3CDL/CDLF30.0CDN2554220.37 - 3 P.O.A
CDL4CDL40.0DDN3257210.37 - 4 P.O.A
CDL8CDL80.0EDN4062210.75 - 7.5 P.O.A
CDL 12CDL 120.0FDN5063221.5 - 11 P.O.A
CDL 16CDL 160.0GDN5066222.2 - 1.5 P.O.A
CDL 20CDL 200.0HDN5069231.1 - 18.5 P.O.A
CDL 32CDL 320.0IDN6573261.5 - 30 P.O.A
CDL 42CDL 420.0JDN8075303.0-45 P.O.A
CDL 65CDL 650.0KDN10076224.0-45 P.O.A
CDL 85CDL 850.0LDN10077175.5-45 P.O.A
CDL 120CDL 1200.0MDN125741611-75 P.O.A
CDL 150CDL 1500.0NDN125731611-75 P.O.A
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