CHL/CHLF (T) Range

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CHL/CHLF (T) Range

CHL/CHLF (T) Range - Overview

A range of horizontal multistage stainless steel centrifugal pumps suitable for transferring clean and non-abrasive liquids.

Please Note: This product requires careful selection and our sales team will be pleased to advise on your requirements.

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CHL/CHLF(T)2CHL/CHLF(T)20.0A0.5-3.5G10.37 - 0.75G1 P.O.A
CHL4CHL40.0B2.7G1¼0.55 - 0.75G1 P.O.A
CHLF(T)4CHLF(T)40.0C2.7G1 ¼0.55-1.1G1 P.O.A
CHL 8CHL 80.0D5-11G20.75 - 2.2G2 P.O.A
CHLF(T)8CHLF(T)80.0D5-11G1 ½0.75 - 2.2G1 ¼ P.O.A
CHL 12CHL 120.0E7-16G20.75 - 3.0G2 P.O.A
CHLF(T)12CHLF(T)120.0E7 - 6G1 ½0.75 - 3G1 ½ P.O.A
CHL 16CHL 160.0F8 - 22G20.75 - 3.0G2 P.O.A
CHLF(T)16CHLF(T)160.0G8 - 22G21.1 - 4G2 P.O.A
CHL 20CHL 200.0H10 - 28G20.75 - 4.0G2 P.O.A
CHLF(T)20CHLF(T)200.0I10 - 28G21.1 - 4.4G2 P.O.A

Please note not all products available to buy on our website are in stock, however lead times can be minimal. When placing an order, our Sales Team will contact you at their earliest convenience to advise if the product is not in stock. If you wish to check in advance of placing your order please feel free to speak to one of our Sales Team.

CHL/CHLF (T) Range

A range of horizontal multistage Stainless Steel centrifugal pumps suitable for transferring clean and non-abrasive liquids.


The CHL and CHLF (T) type pumps are mainly used in the industrial field:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Water treatment (Water purification)
  • Agriculture
  • Fertilising
  • Environmental applications


  • Made out of high quality anti-corrosive materials: robust 304 Stainless Steel, 316 on request
  • Compact coaxial pump design, float neck ring structure and improved mechanical efficiency and volume efficiency
  • Temperature: up to 110ºC
  • Screwed structure, less parts, easy to maintain and service
  • High efficiency motor
  • 0.37kW - 4kW