DR Blue Professional Submersible Pump

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DR Blue Professional Submersible Pump

DR Blue Professional Submersible Pump - Overview

DR Blue Professional Range of submersible drainage pumps designed for domestic and professional use, used in cellars and basements, industrial schemes and many more applications. 0.37 - 1.5kW, 17.5 Maximum head and 11.5 l/sec maximum capacity.

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DR BLUE PRO 50/2/G32 230V/1PhPZ/1094.00512.010A150.3711/4" (32mm) 275.00
DR BLUE PRO 50/2/G32 400V/3PhPZ/1096.00412.010A150.3711/4" (32mm) 275.00
DR BLUE PRO 75/2/G32 110V/1PhPZ/1098.01113.510B150.5511/4 (32mm) 295.00
DR BLUE PRO 75/2/G32 230V/1PhPZ/1098.00513.510B150.5511/4" (32mm) 300.00
DR BLUE PRO 75/2/G32 400V/3PhPZ/1100.00413.510B150.5511/4" (32mm) 300.00
DR BLUE PRO 100/2/G32 230V/1PhPZ/1090.00514.010C150.7411/4" (32mm) 380.00
DR BLUE PRO 100/2/G32 400V/3PhPZ/1092.00414.010C150.7411/4" (32mm) 380.00
DR BLUE PRO 150/2/G50 110V/1PhPZ/1106.00623.010D30 x 101.12" (50mm) 450.00
DR BLUE PRO 150/2/G50 230V/1PhPZ/1106.00523.010D30 x 101.12" (50mm) 460.00
DR BLUE PRO 150/2/G50 400V/3PhPZ/1107.00223.010D30 x 101.12" (50mm) 460.00
DR BLUE PRO 200/2/G50 230V/1PhPZ/1108.00424.010E30 x 101.52" (50mm) 540.00
DR BLUE PRO 200/2/G50 400V/3PhPZ/1109.00224.010E30 x 101.52" (50mm) 540.00

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DR Blue Professional Submersible Pump

Designed for domestic and professional use, the DR Blue Pro range of submersible drainage pumps has an open, multi-channel impeller, for most soiled-water applications.


  • Cellars and basements
  • Industrial schemes
  • Final effluent
  • Nuisance water
  • Hire fleets
  • Civil construction



  • Cast iron construction and impeller
  • Submersible
  • Double mechanical seal within oil bath
  • 15mm - 30x10mm solids handling
  • 0.37-1.5kW output
  • 32-50mm discharge
  • Automatic as standard
  • Also available in 110V

* New addition to the T-T PUMPS portfolio of products, replacing the DRE and DR Blue Series.