International Women’s Day – not just recognised at T-T, but throughout the whole industry…

Working in a company with a variety of opinions, skills and resources is what makes a company more than a workplace, but a buzzing hive of progression, achievement and innovation. Last year T-T celebrated International Women’s Day by acknowledging some of our most valued members of female staff and how they have contributed to our company growth. This year we speak to one of our client’s about their experience as a woman in engineering…

Traditionally International Women’s Day has always commemorated the struggle for women’s rights but we’ve noticed over the years that women are starting to feel very equal in the engineering industry nowadays. This is something T-T feel very proud to contribute to.

The theme for this year is ‘Be Bold For Change’ and is being celebrated across social media with the hashtag, #BeBoldForChange. Looking around our office it’s one of those days today where there is a gentle hum of excitement as another interesting project is underway, bringing the minds of our most valued team members together to come up with innovative solutions to our client’s industry challenges. One of our most valued clients, Transport for London (TFL), sit at our meeting spot, thrashing out ideas. They are joined by a new colleague, Anna, who is one of the graduates enrolled on TFL’s graduate scheme for civil engineers.

Anna is currently partaking in TFL’s graduate rotation programme, which means she will be spending some time with the TFL Pumps & Drainage division over the next couple of months. The Pumps & Drainage division manages water systems in London, comprising of flood defence systems, the dewatering of TfL infrastructure with over 400 monitored pumping sites across road and rail and in excess of 65km of track drainage. As part of this training Anna has had the chance to visit suppliers to understand more about this side of engineering and speaking to us today she has expressed how important it is to understand each area of the business and furthermore expand her knowledge, so she can specialise when fully qualified, in a specific area.

Anna is certainly a woman who is embarking on a fantastic career path and it was interesting to hear about Anna’s experience so far as a woman in engineering, right from the start. Having studied Civil Engineering at University in Bristol, Anna soon found that she had a natural flare for the problem solving requirements of this fast paced industry and soon found herself improving and enhancing her skills throughout her degree course, leading her on track to a promising career after she graduated. As most graduates can confirm, when you finish university it really is your time to maximise your potential and take on those exciting challenges around the corner. That’s why when Anna graduated from university she wanted to put her education into practice at a company that promised a constant stream of exciting engineering challenges.

Traditionally engineering was seen as a man’s world but this is clearly not the case anymore. As we spoke to Anna today it was clear that she has never experienced any gender prejudice, judgement or bias towards her and we think this shows what a positive movement we are now part of. She said she has always felt very equal and her opinion has always counted, allowing her to contribute greatly to projects of all scales. Over the years women have congregated to be part of the #BeBoldForChange movement, way before the hashtag was invented and at T-T we are proud to not only endorse this for our own female employees, but to see the positivity of equality so clearly in our client’s companies and organisations too.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Anna for chatting to us today about her experiences as a woman in Engineering.