NICEIC approved contractor for 25 years!

This month we are proud to be celebrating being registered as an NICEIC approved contractor for over 25 years!

Not only does this show that we are committed to delivering electrical safety but it is also an industry recognised mark that we are proud of.

What is NICEIC?

As the UK’s leading certification for the electrical contracting industry the NICEIC regulatory body is recognised for ensuring the highest standards in electrical safety and quality. They work with companies across the UK to regulate and raise industry standards for electrical installations. This is done through continuing assessments in which companies must meet a strict criteria.

Why is being an NICEIC approved contractor beneficial to our customers?

As an NICEIC approved contractor T-T Pumps is rigorously tested through an assessment process covering various aspect of production including documentation, competency and equipment. This ensures that we are continually meeting the industry standards for safe electrical installations. This accreditation mark allows us to show customers that they can trust us to provide high quality services and can be relied upon as a safe contractor. With regular assessments and over 25 years as an approved contractor we can demonstrate to customers that we have been able to meet raising industry standards and are committed to electrical safety.

Click here to view of certification of recognition from NICEIC:

NICEIC 25 Years Certification

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