T-T are Exhibiting at Grassland and Muck 2017!

Why Visit T-T at Grassland and Muck 2017?

Based at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire on Wednesday 23rd May and Thursday 24th May, Grassland and Muck brings you innovative ways to maximise your muck. T-T are at the forefront of innovation and will have technicians on hand to discuss ways you can increase the use of your slurry, you will find T-T exhibiting on stand 415 of the main trade area.

T-T have a dedicated agricultural and environmental division who have the knowledge and expertise to provide cost-saving and energy efficient methods of handling slurry. T-T’s product range consists of market leading chopper pumps, mixers and separators which utilise hardened materials to ensure durability and efficiency in even the toughest environments.

What will you find on T-T’s stand at Grassland and Muck?

Transform Slurry into Green Bedding

T-T will be providing information on the new HBC Biocell at the show, T-T are the sole UK distributor of the Cri-Man HBC Biocell. Slurry management on farms represents a costly outgoing along with the cost of acquisition of bedding. The HBC Biocell uses solid/liquid separators followed by treatment of the solid fraction to produce bedding material. The equipment sees aerobic processes, capable of raising the internal temperature to 60 to 70°C, these temperatures ensure that the bedding is sanitized and therefore hygienic bedding is produced. The bedding produced is veterinary approved ensuring healthy livestock and is proven to improve milk production. This innovative, cost-effective slurry management system is simple to operate and ensures consistent quality.

Exhibiting HBC

Market Leading Agricultural Hose

T-T are also the UK distributor for Mandals world class range of hoses, designed specifically for agricultural applications. These are constructed with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) so that they can handle extreme abrasion, thus making them ideal for rough terrains where strength and resistance to abrasion is essential. The drag hose range are perfect for the use in umbilical slurry drag systems.

Exhibiting Mandels Hose

Heavy Duty Chopper Pumps

Each pump in the range is ideal for particularly heavy applications that require a preliminary chopping of the solid material suspended in the liquid being pumped. The PTS range is a submersible heavy duty chopper pump. The ETO is an electric horizontal version which is mounted on a frame and coupled with a standard starter electric motor by a flexible coupling, and the ETV is a vertical option of the chopper pump range. The ETO, ETV and PTS range of heavy duty chopper pumps are available in a Nitec anti-corrosive coating for protection against aggressive liquids, making them the ideal choice for industrial applications.

The PTH Series is a range of high pressure centrifugal chopper pumps ideal for particularly heavy-duty applications. These pumps have a gear box that can be driven via a PTO shaft or direct from an engine, as well as multi-channel impellers and a double-chopping system. These pumps are recommended for applications that require a substantial head and adequate chopping of the solid materials present in the liquid being pumped. They are also ideal for systems with self-propelled sprinklers, marked height differences and long pipelines.

T-T will also be exhibiting their range of small dewatering pumps, washdown sets and pumps for clean water applications.

Exhibiting PTH Umbilical pump on a tractor

The important details for you:

  • The event is open from Wednesday 23rd May  8.30am-5pm and Thursday 24th May 8.30am-4pm
  • Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire
  • Book online at grasslandevent.co.uk
  • Free parking and free event guide!
  • We are exhibiting on stand 415
  • Call us for more information on +44 (0) 1630 647200!

Grassland and Muck 2017