T-T finalists in Shropshire Business Awards 2018

Shropshire based T-T is delighted to announce they have been selected as a finalist in the Shropshire Business Awards 2018. T-T is just one of four finalists selected for the ‘International Trade Award’, demonstrating their international growth through export.

Presented by the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, the annual Shropshire Business Awards ceremony will be held on June 15th, at Telford International Centre where more than 50 local businesses will compete in 14 different categories.

Heading into their 60th year, T-T are an established supplier in the United Kingdom and they are now committed to taking their high-quality products to an international market.

With much support and advice from the UKTI, T-T feels that they are now equipped to increase their overseas activity and have put together an international sales and marketing plan to achieve the international objectives set. This has included enhancing international capabilities through developing an e-commerce website that enables USD and EUR payments and have plans to develop sub-directories to target 8 languages before the end of the year.

Other activity has included consecutively attending trade shows such as The Big 5 in Dubai, the world’s largest construction show and IFAT in Germany, the world’s leading international show for water, sewage and wastewater in Europe.  Attending these shows has allowed T-T to gain exposure and create the lasting relationships with the customers and suppliers they maintain today.

T-T have been awarded a number of export jobs in recent years, with highlights including a large set of pumps to provide fire and cooling water to a power station in Dubai. Their Package Pumping Stations can be found all over the world, including Europe, the Middle East and China and Valves being supplied in countries such as Hong Kong, Spain, Norway and Uruguay.

T-T are familiar with having to tailor products to suit international requirements, an example of this was an order placed for air valves to a pumping system to Hong Kong. The materials have to be upgraded for resistance to corrosive salt water that is used in their wastewater disposal system.  Further to this, T-T has developed an extension to their current Planet range of package pumping stations. This new pumping station will meet European standards and will have a round 800mm access cover; where the British standard version has a square top. Further to this, we have launched BIM objects for our Planet range of Pumping Stations and Hi-Dro Boost clean water booster sets on the National BIM Library to which we have seen a keen interest in the European market.

Ben Nash, Sales Director at T-T, comments “The support that we have received from the Department of International Trade has been incredibly valuable in our businesses future. The growth we have seen has been huge, with exports becoming a substantial part of our turnover. To have been nominated for an award means a lot to myself, the rest of the board of directors and most importantly the staff, this shows that their continued hard work is having a positive impact.”

This is the second time that T-T has been nominated for an award at the Shropshire Business Awards for their international trade. This is an exciting time for the company and they look forward to meeting fellow locally based businesses at this fantastic evening.

For more information, please visit www.ttpumps.com or speak to a member of the team on +44 (0) 1630 647200.