The Grey Range Has Landed!

Due to the success of our innovative portfolio of sewage pumps, we are proud to expand our range and introduce the grey series of submersible electric pumps. This is a brand-new solution for pumping sewage and drainage waters in civil, residential and industrial applications, featuring completely redesigned hydraulics and motors to guarantee high performance, low consumption and outstanding versatility.

In civil, residential and industrial applications, the reliability of an electric submersible pump is essential for smooth operation, steady performance and continuous work cycles without stoppages and repairs. The Grey Range has been designed with this in mind, along with immediately available standard components resulting in lower installation costs, and submersible pumps that are built to facilitate maintenance.

The Grey range has been developed using cutting-edge technology, featuring an anti-clogging system, a large oil chamber with a leakage detection sensor, two mechanical seals and a cable gland to protect the power cable. Each model undergoes pressurised testing to guarantee perfect assembly and the operation of the gaskets, cable gland and mechanical seals.

Developed using the Uniqa know-how, the grey series features completely redesigned hydraulics and motors to generate high performance, low consumption and outstanding versatility in the 0.37kW to 18.5kW power range. Models available within this electric submersible range feature a variety of hydraulics and therefore can be used in many different sectors, from civil/residential to industrial.

The new range is a replacement for the O, F, I, N and P models, this redesign and reconstruction of the pump models has been decided so production is more efficient increasing lead times and reducing costs. The new model is also an advancement on many technical features.

This range is due to be released on our website from soon and will be available to buy online. If you would like to know more about the range, contact us on or speak to a member of our sales team on +44 (0) 1630 647200.

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