T-T Float Switches: A Reliable Way To Control Sensitive Liquid

The float switch range has been developed over many years to ensure accurate and reliable water level control. The float switch range has been designed and created through a combination of expertise gained over several years in the industry, and substantial investment to produce high-quality products.

Why chose a T-T float switch?

  • Our entire float switch range is tested and proven to operate at depths of up to a 5 Bar pressure rating – this is approximately 50 Meters in depth – here at T-T Pumps we understand the importance of good quality products, therefore, each batch that makes its way through our doors is tested to ensure reliability.
  • Our float switches are versatile and have a short switching differential, meaning that the float can be used in a single acting application as well as dual level control, not restricted by fixed counterweights.
  • The FLO floats have been tested in various suitable operating temperatures which allows them to be used in most applications, for example the ATEX FLO101 has a maximum operating temperature of 70°C which is vital for working in intrinsically safe systems such as areas designated as hazardous gas environments.
  • The pump float switch ATEX FLO101 is not just an ATEX certified product, but is IECEX certified. This ensures it is suitable globally, as well as within Europe for use in explosive atmospheres.

What is the float switch testing procedure?

  • Through stringent batch testing processes within T-T Pumps, each and every batch of float switches manufactured are inspected and verified prior to stocking. Any potential defects will be picked up by our quality team during this time.Therefore, you can be guaranteed that you are investing in a high-quality product that will stand the test of time, something that is vital for reliable level control.
  • During inspection, float pump switches are tested to twice the submergence depth stated to ensure reliability and suitability for every application.

Our Ever Improving Float Switch Range

As our floats are designed and manufactured in the UK, we can react to improvements and customer reviews quickly. T-T Controls have been committed to continual, ongoing product development in order to satisfying the varying and demanding requirements of the water industry. We have made the following recent developments to the range to ensure we provide the highest quality level control on the market:

  • Coming soon! The water floats have recently had design changes to incorporate the rating label usually attached to the cable of the float, onto the float body mould itself. Not only does this improve the appearance of the float, but safeguards against future identification and reference that removal of the label could hinder.
  • The float switch packaging has changed in colour – the previous white packaging although pristine on arrival, has been proving difficult to maintain in a working environment as commented on by our stockists. The product has now been re-packaged with standard brown packaging, suitable for a more robust working environment.

Continuous product development is key to T-T and every bit of feedback is invaluable. If you would like to talk to a member of our team, please contact us on +44 (0)1630 647200 or email response@ttpumps.com. For any further information on the float switch range, visit our website or call the number above.

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