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Package Pumping Stations

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Each of our package pumping stations is a complete unit, specifically designed to be easy to install and maintain. Including everything you’ll need for efficient and reliable water removal, our package pumping stations include pumps, valves, and control panels.

Here you will find our below-ground pumping stations, designed to cover a versatile range of applications, from major industrial, commercial and residential developments, to smaller flows from single dwellings. If you are looking for a domestic, above-ground pumping station, we have a range available to buy online from our domestic pumping stations.

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Did you know, our Package Pumping Stations are BBA Approved! 

Our Package Pumping Stations have BBA approval, meaning they have been through stringent testing to make sure they are compliant with building regulations and are fit for purpose. Our Package Pumping Stations are tested on: 

  • Strength - the chambers have adequate strength to resist damage from minor impacts during handling and hydrostatic pressure from wet concrete during installation.
  • Resistance to chemicals - the chambers and components will be unaffected by chemicals likely to be found in the specified effluent.
  • Watertightness - the chambers, when correctly installed in accordance with T-T's instruction manual, will not allow seepage either into or from the surrounding soil.
  • Durability - the chambers are made from durable materials and with adequate maintenance will continue to be serviceable for the design life of the drainage system.

The Planet® Range and XL & XXL Planet® Range of Package Pumping Stations

The Planet® Range and XL & XXL Panet® Range of Package Pumping Stations, designed and manufactured by T-T, provide an efficient and economical way of installing a sewage/drainage pumping station. A wide range of submersible pumps can be used for the Package Pumping Stations; we are able to select these from T-T’s complete range, in order to match your requirements.

  • Planet range pump chambers are well engineered and manufactured, and have passed rigorous and detailed testing, site inspections and factory production control assessment by the British Board of Agrement to achieve certification approval.  
    Each planet range pump chamber is made of strong, medium-density polyethylene. The XL and XXL Planet Range chamber is made from strong GRP.
  • Smooth internal walls aid the hygienic disposal of effluents, to avoid smells and septicity
  • Packages come complete with pipework, pre-assembled in the chamber, ready for installation into the ground, after which the pumps and control equipment are added
  • All package pumping stations are supplied with controls for fully automatic operation and a high-level alarm indicator 
  • Units can be adapted to suit individual requirements at the manufacturing stage
  • Packages are available on short lead-times to fit in with tight construction schedules 
  • A comprehensive manual is provided.

What's in the range?


The Mercury® is ideal for small flows from a single dwelling and where excavation depth is limited.

Compatible Pumps 

- Cutter 80mm
- Grinder 50mm
- Vortex 50mm/80mm

*Dual pumps only available with 50mm Vortex/Grinder

Venus® Single / Dual* Pump

The Venus® chamber is the most popular size for use in a single dwelling, toilet block, or small office.

Compatible Pumps 

- Cutter 80mm
- Grinder 50mm
- Vortex 50mm/80mm

*Dual pumps only available with 50mm Vortex/Grinder

Saturn® Dual Pump

The Saturn® chamber is suitable for small housing and industrial / commercial developments, restaurants, small hotels / nursing homes, caravan sites.

Compatible Pumps 

- Cutter 80mm / 100mm
- Grinder 50mm
- Vortex 50mm / 80mm / 100mm
- Channel 80mm / 100mm

*Dual pumps only available with 50mm Vortex/Grinder

Jupiter® Dual Pump 

The Jupiter® chamber is suitable for larger developments, hotels, hospitals, sewage works. The basic unit is capable of special build modification to provide capacities up to 15,500 litres, and can be incorporated into schemes where, for example, Sewers for Adoption specification is required.

Compatible Pumps 

- Cutter 80mm / 100mm
- Grinder 50mm
- Vortex 50mm / 80mm / 100mm
- Channel 80mm / 100mm / 150mm

Extension Turret

The extension turret is an innovative design that allows the installer to change the depth of the chamber installation to suit site specific levels. The extension turret is placed on top of the tank. It is clamped and sealed in place. It can be cut at set increments to adjust the height of the pumping station chamber to suit requirements. The focus on this requirements is to aid in the reduction of installation time and costs, which in turn provides product flexibility in changing site conditions.

  • Chamber can be altered in depth to suit site requirements
  • Reduced installation time and costs
  • Flexible to site conditions
  • Peace of mind that site complications and delays will be reduced.
Round Access Cover

The round top and access cover has been introduced to remove the risk the previous square style access cover has, potentially dropping into the chamber during installation or maintenance. This ensures added safety when installing and maintaining the station. Access covers, subject to their loading specification, can be very heavy and pose a significant health and safety risk as well as an increased risk of equipment damage positioned below. This consideration makes the range suitable for the world market, where round access covers are a preference.

The XL and XXL Planet® Range

To avoid the requirement for expensive additional storage solutions, T-T offers a range of extra large (XL) and extra, extra large (XXL) preformed pumping stations, catering for your emergency storage requirements within a single preformed unit. 

Where the need to discharge effluent to the local sewer network at a reduced rate is required (due to capacity/saturation), the XL and XXL range of package pumping stations can provide a single solution to hold/store flows and discharge at the permitted rate.


- Domestic
- Commercial 
- Industrial 

A wide range of submersible pumps can be used for the Package Pumping Stations; we are able to select these from T-T’s complete range, in order to match your requirements. The XL and XXL range are also available without sump.

What sizes are the chambers?

 The Pluto Pumping Station

 The Pluto Pumping Station is the most effective means for collecting and removing excess water collected from cavity drainage systems.

The fully automatic unit is designed and built for reliability and long life and employs a high-performance pump range that can be selected to meet your specific application. This range can also be used for small, domestic foul waste removal in an annex or extension.


- Single automatic submersible pump (230V) with internal pipework, non-return valve, high-level float switch
- High-level alarm unit featuring light and audible alarm with mute button
- Strong polyethylene chamber with 160 litre operating storage
- 40/63mm MDPE discharge connection 
- Strong access cover produce in galvanised mild steel (others available).
- 2 lower level 110mm inlets to accommodate standard drainage connections.