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Agricultural & Environmental FAQs


How do I size a water boosting set for irrigation?
What is an irrigation pump?
Where to install an irrigation pump?
How do you control an irrigation pump?

Slurry, Layflat & Drag Hoses

Which hose do I need?
How long does a layflat hose last?
What lengths do layflat hoses come in?
Can I drag a rubber hose?
Are there different grades of TPU available?
What sizes of hose do you stock?
What is the difference between slurry, layflat and drag hoses?

Separators & Screening

What are the benefits of separating slurry?
How does a slurry separator work?
What screen sizes can be supplied with my separator?
Is the HBC Biocell a complete separation system?
What is green bedding?
What is volatisation?
Can separation work with any bedding material?
What dry matter do slurry separators achieve?

Agricultural Mixers

How do I choose a mixer?
What is the maximum total solids a mixer will handle?
Can mixers be installed in any shape tank?
What is a dead spot?
How do I choose the best size mixer for my slurry storage tank?
What is ATEX?

Anaerobic Digestion

What is anaerobic digestion?
What is the difference between a chopper pump and a macerator pump?
What is a piston pump?
What is ATEX?

Umbilical & Slurry Pumps

What is an umbilical pump?
What do umbilical pumps do?
How does a slurry pump work?
How far can you pump slurry?
How do you pump slurry?
How do you put a slurry pump on a tractor?

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