T-T Environmental and Agricultural focus on effluent treatment and anti-pollution products for effective slurry handling. The range includes chopper pumps, mixers, separators, green bedding equipment and clean water supply. 

Utilising water is the key to success in the agricultural industry, T-T provides solutions for your clean water supply, crops and livestock. Reliable and efficient water supply is vital to daily farming, therefore T-T have combined their knowledge and expertise in this field, to provide a vast range of pumps, valves and controls which provide a constant and desired flow and pressure.

  1. Knife gate valve, DN80-DN300, bi-directional
    Knife gate valve, DN80-DN300, bi-directional
    Starting From £294.00 £245.00
  2. HBC Biocell changes manure into hygenic bedding
    Hygenic Bedding - HBC Biocell
    Starting From POA
  3. Farm Wash powerful washdown set
    Farm Wash
    Starting From £1,020.00 £850.00
  4. Separator for the solid-liquid separation of slurry
    T-T Separator Range
    Starting From POA
  5. Cri-Man PTH high pressure centrifugal chopper pump on T-T frame
    PTH Series
    Starting From £6,120.00 £5,100.00
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