T-T’s Training Programme is a Success

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The achievements and accomplishments of the T-T team is paramount to the success of T-T as a whole, and at T-T we employ for attitude and train for skill. This approach has proven true for Joanne, one of T-T Controls Panel Wire Personnel. Joanne joined T-T just over two years ago after leaving her job as a technician in the car manufacturing industry, this gave Joanne experience in a related industry however this was not a job dedicated to wiring and did not give Joanne the skills to read schematic drawings that her new job with T-T would need.

When Joanne joined T-T she was placed with a mentor who taught her how to wire standard small electrical control panels and read electrical schematic diagrams. Joanne’s training programme with T-T continued and allowed her to develop her skills and progress onto complex multi cubical control panels having more intricate interconnecting wiring and requiring greater understanding of the electrical principles.

Just two years down the line and Joanne is wiring London Underground Critical Site Specification panels, reflecting on her time so far with T-T, Joanne comments ‘I did not think I had the capabilities to wire anything more complex than a standard panel, however after having the determination and the support I needed from my mentor and the management team, I developed the confidence along with the necessary skills and knowledge to wire the more complex panels.’