T-T Controls Supply Panels to a Factory in North America

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T-T Controls have supplied five bespoke control panels to LAC Conveyors, which are now installed at Bakkavor pizza and bread division, a new factory being commissioning in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Stainless steel control panel

Bakkavor, an international food manufacturing company, has begun commissioning a new bakery facility that will enable the production of garlic and speciality loaves of bread for the North American Market.

Control panel for food processing  Stainless Steel Control Panel

Produced at T-T Pump’s head office, T-T Controls constructed five control panels to suit the customised requirements of UL (Underwriters Laboratory) American standard in order to control nine food grade belt conveyors and two tape feed packaging machines, which will distribute both unbaked and finished products from the ovens and into the packaging. Due to the panels being supplied to a food processing factory, T-T was aware of the food hygiene requirements and therefore supplied the panels in stainless steel where required and are IP65 rated, this makes them easy to clean and maintain to food hygiene standards.

Stainless Steel Control Panel Stainless Steel Control Panel

Jane Delicata, T-T Controls Manager, comments “We are delighted to have been involved in a project with a company who has a huge presence in the UK, US and Chinese markets, and supply products to some of the top retailers. T-T Controls pride themselves on meeting tight deadlines and providing high quality and customised control products required to control many different motors. We look forward to working with LAC Conveyors in the future.”

T-T Controls have the capabilities to provide customised panels wired to any specification suitable for motor control. For more information call +44 (0) 1630 647200 or email response@ttpumps.com to speak to a member of the team.