CPD Topics

Since 1959, T-T have been dedicated to providing fundamental knowledge about Pumps, Valves, Controls, Pumping Stations and Environmental products. Our CPD (Continual Professional Development) programmes contain all the essential information needed for product selection, installation and maintenance. 

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A certificate is issued to each member who completes a CPD lunch and learn seminar. Please note: All requests are forwarded to our Technical Sales Engineers, who will be in contact to confirm suitable dates. We always aim to contact you as soon as possible but please allow 5 working days for the date to be confirmed. 

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CPD Topics

Pumping Stations

Due to the environmental sensitivity of effluent or drainage, selecting the most suitable pumping station is vital. T-T have vast experience in providing pumping systems from the smallest to the largest schemes, from a simple system to a highly complex scheme requiring many disciplines. Our RIBA approved CPD presentation aims to simplify the process and share our capability, knowledge and expertise to ensure you are provided with the comprehensive support to complete your project.

The CPD seminar is informative and interactive, focusing on a variety of topics concerning pumping stations; covering the functionality, design, installation, operation and the maintenance process. This presentation contains essential information to provide the attendee with vital information to ensure correct product selection. The attendee of this presentation will:

• Understand the requirements of Adoptable and Private Pumping Stations

• Understand the process from concept to adoption of a Pumping Station

• Understand the components of a Pumping Station

• Have knowledge of the Pumping Station options that are available.

RIBA CPD - T-T Pumps

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Agricultural and Environmental

The attendee of this presentation with have adequate knowledge on the pumps, valves and controls that are available for effluent treatment and anti-pollution applications. The demand for environmentally efficient and cost-effective methods of handling waste products has increased, due to this T-T have noted the importance of providing their knowledge and a product range to meet the needs of the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas industry.


With our in-house team of knowledgeable sales staff, proficient design engineers, skilled wire-men and thorough test engineers, T-T have broad expertise with control systems, therefore we have designed this presentation to provide you with clarity on the products that are available, ensuring that you have the vital knowledge enabling clarity on the schematics involved.


With over 58 years' experience in the pump industry, our broad expertise and knowledge in this field allows us to provide this presentation to allow the attendee to understand the complexities of 1000's pump models ranging from 0.25kW to 1000kW, suitable for a diverse range of applications. The attendee will understand the importance of efficiency and reliability when selecting a pump to ensure long term benefits for both the user and the environment.


This presentation ensures the attendee is knowledgeable about engineered water works valves and associated ancillary equipment in the water, process and allied industries. This CPD discusses the different types of valves that are available including but not limited to wedge gate valves, swing check valves and air valves. The presentation considers the technicalities involved in customised project packages incorporating actuated valves, fabricated operating equipment, pipework and ancillaries.


As an owner or operator of a sewage or drainage pumping station, you will want peace of mind that your pumping station operates efficiently whilst being environmentally friendly, avoiding unexpected and costly breakdowns. This presentation ensures that you are equipped with the relevant information when it comes to servicing, maintaining and prolonging the running life of a clean or dirty water system.

Booster Sets

This presentation discusses the T-T Hi-Dro Boost, a comprehensive range of fixed and variable speed multiple clean water pump booster sets, designed and manufactured to provide both the required flow and water pressure for your application.

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