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Pumping Station 24/7 Breakdown Callout

When unexpected pumping station failures occur, our engineers will be on hand to help with any maintenance and emergency repairs you require to get your site up and running as soon as possible. 





Our expert engineers are available 24/7 for your pumping station breakdown needs.

For emergency breakdowns please call 01630 647200. When calling, please have to hand:

  • The postcode of your site
  • Your Maintenance Package (Service Agreement) number, if applicable
  • A brief description of the fault
  • Available access to the site and equipment 

Get in touch

For a free no-obligation quote or advice, call our Specialist Advisers +44 (0)1630 647200


With nationwide coverage and expert engineers on hand, rest assured that T-T can provide a professional, fast-response repair.


Pump breakdown can occur due to a number of reasons, both mechanical and electrical - the below is not an exhaustive list of risks but a guide to what can cause a pump to fail:

  • General wear and tear - Pumping fluid/medium will cause damage to pump components over time, especially if those fluids are corrosive or contain suspended solids. Moving parts will also wear with time and need replacing before they lead to pump failure.
  • Blockage in the pipes - Foreign objects, debris and inappropriate materials entering a system (e.g. sanitary products flushed down the toilet) can cause blockages if the pump was not designed to handle such solids, this can lead to leaks and an overworked motor.
  • Electrical faults - Incorrect installation, insufficient lubrication and blockages can cause a pump's motor to overheat and fail.
  • Fat bergs - A build-up of fat, oil and grease in your sewers. Learn How-to protect your system from fatbergs
  • Float Switch faults - This could be due to the float being stuck in a position. Float Switch failures are generally down to poor maintenance or using a float switch that was not designed for a particular application causing it to malfunction. 

Regularly scheduled pump service visits will ensure all components of your pumping station are in optimal condition for effective, reliable and cost-efficient operation.

Pump Maintenance Package

To prevent future disruption, we offer pump maintenance packages. Regular pump station maintenance can prevent blockages and identify any causes for concern before they become a problem.

A service can be scheduled around your business operations to help prevent any downtime and tailored to the size and load of your pump station. You can find out more about maintaining your pump on our pump maintenance page.

Don't have a pump maintenance package with us? Don't worry, we can still attend your breakdown - however, package holders will be made a priority.


Does your site require tankering and jetting services? Let us take the stress away by arranging and coordinating this for you.

We only work with trusted professional companies we have built up good relationships with. We liaise with the company, book visits, raise purchase orders and pay invoices. We charge a 15% admin fee on top of the tankering company invoice. 

Nationwide emergency pump breakdown serviceNationwide emergency pump breakdown service

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