Hardwearing Multipurpose Hose - Ultraman

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 The Ultraman is an extremely hardwearing, multipurpose industrial hose from Mandals range of world class layflat hoses,  for use in abrasive environ­ments. 

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  • Exceptional wear and tear properties due to being constructed from extruded thermoplastic polyether based polyurethane (TPU).
  • Filament polyester yarn is woven with a circular structure to ensure durability and reinforcement.
  • A strong bond is created between the cover and the lining through the “extrusion through the weave” production method. This also firmly encapsulates the woven polyester.
  • The Ultreman not only has high resistance against common chemicals but also UV radiation, hydrolysis and fungus degradation.
  • Its Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) construction ensures extreme abrasion resistance. This makes the hose perfect for both rugged terrain and applications where strength and abrasion resistance of the cover/lining is critical.
  • Due to the circular woven filament polyester that reinforces the hose, the Ultraman is able to withstand high tensile strength, as well as a maximum 2% length extension at the recommended working pressure. This prevents “snaking” of the hose when the hose is under pressure.
  • High pressure rating to wall thickness ratio.
  • Operating temperatures: -50°C to +75°C. Intermittent use up to +80°C.

Standard lengths up to 200m. If you would like to enquire about longer lengths for diameters lower than 8 inches please feel free to get in touch. 

Please see our datasheets for further technical information. 

Ultraman - Datasheet


  • Agriculture
  • Biogas Plants