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Pump FAQs

General Pumps

How do I pump water out of my garden?
Are electric water pumps safe?
Which type of pump is used for high pressure?
What is a waste water pump?
Which pump is used for domestic purpose?
How do centrifugal pumps work?
What type of pump is best for high pressure?
What is the difference between horizontal and vertical pumps?
What is a wastewater pump?
What is a domestic pump?
How do I pump water out of my garden?
What is grey water?

Sewage Pumps

What pump is suitable to discharge the sewage?
Do I need a grinder sewage pump?
Will sewage pumps handle tampons?
Can you pump sewage uphill?
Can a sewage pump be used as a sump pump
What is a sewage pump?
How do a sewage pumps work?
How do I prevent blockages in my sewage pump?
What are the different kinds of sewage pumps?

Drainage Pumps

What is a drainage pump?
Do I need a submersible or surface mounted drainage pump?
Can drainage pumps be installed permanently?
What's the difference between a drainage pump and a sewage pump?

Potable & Water Boosting Pumps

What is potable water?
What is the difference between clear, clean and potable water?
What is WRAS approval?
What is a water booster set?
How many pumps does my water boosting set need?
How does a booster set regulate pressure?
How are booster sets controlled?

Industrial Pumps

How does an industrial pump work?
What is an industrial pump?
What fluids can industrial pumps handle?
How are industrial pumps powered?
What is a self-priming pump?
How does a self priming pump work?

Contractors' Pumps

What is a contractor pump?
How are contractor pumps powered?
How do I choose a contractor pump?
How do you use a puddle pump?
How do puddle pumps operate?
What is a puddle pump?
What is the Kino Titan Range?
What is a high head pump?

Clear Water Pumps

What type of pump is best for clean water?
Can a dirty water pump be used for clean water?
Can a well pump freeze?
Can a well pump overheat?
Can a well pump clog?
Can a well pump be moved?
Are well pumps noisy?
How long can a well pump run?
How long will a well pump last?
How often should a well pump cycle?
How does a submersible well pump work?

Lubricant & Fuel Pumps

What is a lubricant pump?
What fluids can lubricant and fuel pumps handle?
How do I choose a lubricant pump?
What is a fuel pump?
How do I choose a fuel pump?
How do fuel and lubricant pumps work?

Umbilical & Slurry Pumps

What is an umbilical pump?
What do umbilical pumps do?
How does a slurry pump work?
How far can you pump slurry?
How do you pump slurry?
How do you put a slurry pump on a tractor?

Washdown Pumps

How does a washdown pump work?
How do you winterize washdown pump?
How do you prepare a washdown pump for winter?

Grinder, Chopper & Macerator Pumps

What is the difference between a chopper pump and a macerator pump?
What are chopper pumps designed for?
How do macerator pumps work?
What is a chopper pump?
How do you clean a chopper pump?
How do you install a chopper pump?
Can a chopper pump discharge up an incline?
Can you pump macerated waste?
Do I need a grinder pump for sewage?
How long do grinder pumps last?

Engine Driven Surface Mounted Pumps

What is an engine driven pump?
What is a surface mounted pump?
What are the advantages of surface mounted pumps?

Zenit Pumps

What types of pumps does Zenit offer?
What is the maximum flow rate and head pressure that Zenit pumps can handle?
What materials are Zenit pumps made of, and are they suitable for use with corrosive or abrasive liquids?
Are Zenit pumps easy to install and maintain?
What is the warranty on Zenit pumps, and what kind of customer support is available?
How do Zenit pumps compare to other brands in terms of performance, reliability, and cost?
Are Zenit pumps energy-efficient, and do they comply with relevant industry standards and regulations?
What kind of certifications and approvals do Zenit pumps have?
What is the availability and lead time for different models and configurations?

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