How to use a Conversion Kit on a Liberator and Puddlepal submersible pumps

Our Liberator and Puddlepal range of contractors submersible pumps are light, compact and powerful pumps. The Liberator is designed for use in ground water and water containing sand and silt. Whereas, the Puddlepal has the ability pump down to 1mm which makes it an ideal solution for removing water from flat surfaces. Our conversion kits are designed with optimisation in mind, allowing you to convert a Liberator and Puddlepal and vice-versa on site, so that you have one pump with two applications.

Video Transcript

Hi my name is Toby from T-T Pumps.

Today I am going to talk you through how to use a conversion kit on a Liberator and Puddlepal.

Before you start please make sure you are both electrically and mechanically qualified for this job. You must also make sure that all power to the pump is turned off and the correct PPE is worn.

Here we have the Liberator and Puddlepal, as well as the conversion kits to swop them to either models. You will also need at hand the components and the pins which are supplied with the conversion kit, as well as a spinner and 10mm spanner.

First of all we will start off with the Liberator, which is a standard drainage pump and just turn it on its side. We then just need to untighten the pins here at the bottom using the spanner and then take them out using the spinner in order to take the base off . Once we have taken the strainer off you will see the volute housing around the impeller, to take this off simply unscrew the three pins .

This is the inner housing which is made from rubber wear resistant housing. From here we put the pump into a vertical position and put the collar from the conversion kit around it and place the base in position. Using the three pins screw them into place and tighten to ensure the base is secured. If they aren’t securely tightened you might get air leaks and it might not run correctly, however try not to over tighten them as it might damage the casing. So, here we have one Liberator with a new conversion kit that has turned it into the Puddlepal.

I will now do exactly the same with the Puddlepal. Again, start by turning it on its side. If you choose to unscrew the pins in an upright position, please be careful not to damage the power cable. So just loosen the pins with the spanner and take them out using the spinner, put them to one side and take off the base. Then take the inner casing from the conversion kit and place it on top. Take the longer pins and drop them into the slightly bigger holes and tighten them up. Again, ensuring they are securely tightened with the spanner.

The next step is to take the strainer and place it over the top and screw in the smaller pins to the holes underneath. Again just take the spanner to make sure they are tight.

And there you go we have the Puddlepal converted into the Liberator, using the conversion kit. The kits make it easy for you as the customer or end user to convert an existing stock model pump from either model or convert a pump on site.

I hope this has helped and provided you with useful advice on how to convert a Liberator to a Puddlepal and vice-versa using our conversation kit. If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01630 647200 or view our range online using the links below.

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