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How-to: Use a T-T Liberator & Puddlepal conversion kit

T-T Liberator, PuddlePal and conversion kit screenshot from instructional video.

T-T's Liberator and PuddlePal range of contractor submersible drainage pumps are light, compact and powerful. The Liberator is a drainage pump designed for use in ground water applications where sand and silt is present - whereas the PuddlePal is a puddle pump with the ability pump down to 1mm, making it ideal for removing water from flat surfaces.

Our conversion kits are designed with optimisation in mind, allowing you to convert a Liberator and PuddlePal on site, giving you one pump with two functions.

How to convert a drainage pump into a puddle pump

  1. Gather the conversion kit, a spinner and a 10mm spanner.
  2. Turn the Liberator on its side, use the spanner to untighten the pins at the bottom.
  3. Remove the pins with the spinner and take the strainer off.
  4. Without the strainer you will see the volute housing around the impeller, unscrew the three pins and remove the housing.
  5. Underneath this is the inner housing made of rubber. Sit the pump upside down, put the collar from the conversion kit around it and put the base in position.
  6. Screw three pins into place to secure the base, ensure they are tight enough to prevent air leeks but do not over tighten as this can damage the casing. The Liberator has now been converted into a PuddlePal.

How to convert a puddle pump into a drainage pump

  1. Turn the PuddlePal on its die, use the spanner to loosen the pins at the bottom.
  2. Use the spinner to remove the pins and remove the pump base.
  3. Turn the pump upside down and place the inner casing from the conversion kit on top.
  4. Take the longer pins and screw them into the bigger holes, tightening them with the spanner.
  5. Place the strainer over the top of the casing and screw the smaller pins into the holes, The PuddlePal puddle pump has now been converted into a Liberator drainage pump.

Liberator & PuddlePal Submersible Drainage Pumps

Follow the links below for more information on our Liberator and PuddlePal ranges, where you can see technical data sheets and our same-day dispatch availability on our submersible pumps.

For support with your Liberator/Puddlepal conversion, or any other pumping queries you may have, contact our experts by calling +44 (0)1630 647200, emailing or completing our online enquiry form.

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