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We are proud to have built strong relationships with industry-leading manufacturers from around the globe, acting as the sole UK source for their cutting-edge products and spares. Having worked with Cri-Man, SAER Elettropompe and Zenit products for several years, our team are experts in selecting the best equipment for your job and fulfilling long-term maintenance needs.

Cri-Man logo. Cri-Man logo.


Cri-Man are an Italy-based manufacturer of chopper pumps, mixers and separators - including green bedding options like the revolutionary HBC system.

As Cri-Man’s sole UK partner since 2004, we provide UK customers with robust equipment that is designed to last.

SAER Elettropompe logo. SAER Elettropompe logo.


SAER Elettropompe are a leading manufacturer of surface and submersible pumps and motors, with 60 years of industry experience.

As SAER's sole UK partner, we are proud to promote and stock their products – constructed from the highest grade materials.

Zenit logo. Zenit logo.


Zenit are an Italian manufacturer of wastewater pumping and treatment technology - including electric submersible sewage and drainage pumps.
Customer-oriented, we are pleased to represent Zenit as their only UK partner for 32 years.