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Why do we issue a copyright agreement to our customers?

When it comes to ownership of images the law can get confusing as intellectual property can be a complex subject. However, our copyright agreement is designed to formally give you permission to use images that belong to us - keeping it simple for you, and ensuring you are covered.

What do we mean when we say ‘images that belong to us’?

When we take a photograph of our products, our camera stores an original file (it’s called raw format to be technical) and this becomes our intellectual property.

So, what actually is intellectual property?

Intellectual property is intangible (cannot be physically held) property that is result of an act of creativity. Examples include photographs, images, logos, names, designs, artwork all used in commerce.

What happens if you don’t have a copyright agreement to use images?

For example, if you copy and paste an image from google, you will not necessarily have the right to use this image for your own marketing/ sales activities and this can cause legal problems in the future. That is because the owner of the image could argue that you have used their property to make a sale, and therefore profited from their work (their intellectual property).

Our copyright agreement ensures that you are protected and you have permission to use our images for sales & marketing purposes, with no costs due to ourselves.

It benefits you...

  • You have formal permission to use our images
  • No future legal problems, it covers you
  • No cost to use our images
  • Once agreement in place, access to images and support from our marketing team

If you wish to use our images you can easily organise a copyright agreement to be sent out to you by getting in contact with our marketing team on 01630 647200 or email them at

All copyright agreements are sent out subject to approval of T-T Pumps Ltd. Full terms and conditions are outlined in our copyright agreement document. 

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