Monitoring Systems

What are pump monitoring systems?

Our pumping station monitoring service is now available, and incorporates the Text-Tel family of monitoring systems which use SMS technology interfaced into our database, permitting pump monitoring to take place 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

We offer alternative versions of our systems, which combined with our range of control equipment enable monitoring of a variety of pumping station status signals, selected to suit your particular site requirements.

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How does our monitoring system service work?

Our pumping station monitoring systems provide frequent interrogation of your pumping station to ensure that the alarm system is functioning, and that the station is operating correctly. As soon as an issue is identified, an alert is sent to up to five contacts including out service center, detailing any potential issues on site. The advanced telemetry unit allows for two-way communication between a control panel and a mobile phone, ensuring help is always at hand when things go wrong.

What are the benefits to having pump monitoring?

  • Go wireless - GSM interface mean no need for pre-installed PSTN (Public Service Telephone Network) land line
  • Flexibility - Available on all major networks (EE, 02, Vodaphone etc.) **
  • Testing - Weekly interrogation of pumping station to ensure all signals are healthy
  • Stay Connected - Email and SMS reporting 24/7 to our dedicated on call staff of any faults
  • Reliable - Up to 5 contacts can be programmed in, ensuring either all notified simultaneously or sequentially

** £30 a month after initial purchase of telemetry units and service agreement in place. Units are monitored when an active service contract is in place and your account is up to date.

We offer alternative versions of our telemetry monitoring, which can be stand alone and retro fitted to existing equipment or installed within our range of control systems. Alternative versions for PSTN are also available, as well as versions suitable for remote sites where only DC power sources are available e.g. solar/P.V. sources or wind turbines.

To discuss how our pump monitoring systems can be incorporating into your system, please call us on 01630 647200.

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