T-T Pumps and Lincolnshire-based Blockfree Services recently collaborated to upgrade a holiday park's old clean water booster set that was no longer able to manage the site's demands.


The park's previous booster set was not equipped to meet their pressurised water needs due to its age. Local business Blockfree Services was called upon to solve this issue, who themselves needed a manufacturer with quick turn-around rates to minimise disruption to the park's regular operations.


The application required a supplier who could provide an effective booster set within a short time frame. T-T's dedicated potable water facilities and wide range of stock at the warehouse means they are able to manufacture a large number of products with short lead times, making them the perfect partner for this job.

T-T's Hidro Boost Set provides consistent pressure boosting for both hot and cold clean water systems. Additional features such as the 'Vasco' variable speed control drive ensure that nowhere on the site is left with low-pressure water delivery. It achieves this by adjusting the speed of booster pumps across a site in order to maintain steady pressure levels despite a varying flow rate demand.

With a site specific design, incorporating a maximum pressure of 5.5 Bar and a maximum duty assist flow rate of 10m³/h, the Hidro Boost set can reliably provide a stable flow of water to occupants around the park - aided by a duty assist standby mode that will keep the system running in the event that one of the two pumps should fail.

T-T's expert engineers and dedicated clean water workshop were key to the short lead-time on this Hidro Boost's production. The completion of the project was further accelerated by a quick installation process, with BlockFree Services commenting on how simple it was to establish and commission the new water booster (as well as how good the system looked!).

Fully WRAS compliant components are used in the manufacturing of T-T Hidro Boost Sets, meaning that it meets the highest possible standards as defined by the industry trusted Water Regulations Approval Scheme. This compliance, combined with the extensive quality assurance undertaken at each step of the production process, guarantees that the Hidro Boost will operate both reliably and effectively, keeping the potential for costly maintenance and downtime low and giving Hidro Boost owners peace of mind that their clean water facilities will run as expected.

Supported by industry recognised compliance, quality assurance by our knowledgeable engineers and additional features such as the Vasco control drive and duty assist standby, owners of T-T's Hidro Boost Set can rest assured that the system will continue to operate efficiently; providing consistently pressurised potable water pumping around their site.

To learn more about our Hidro Boost Sets, visit: https://www.ttpumps.com/products/pumps/booster-set/hi-dro-boost-fixed-and-variable-speed-multiple-clean-water-booster-sets

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