An effluent treatment plant on the Atlantic Coast required refurbishment while maintaining full site operation. With added complications discovered during the planning phase, T-T Flow engineers (a division of T-T Pumps) came up with an engineered solution.


During the planning of any project it's important to understand the needs of the site. When a treatment plant on the Atlantic Coast needed to action a refurbishment, it was vital the site stayed operational throughout. On assessing the refurbishment in more detail, it was found that 2 of the critical isolating valves had non-standard face to face dimensions. All replaced elements would also need to have resistance to withstand salty air. One option was replacing the adjacent pipework to allow standard sized valves to be fitted. However, this procedure would result in major civil work and cause operational interruption so it was not a viable option.


T-T Flow, a division of T-T Pumps, are professionals in valve design. They design, manufacture and distribute a range of engineered waterworks valves and associated ancillary equipment. On reviewing the planned work, our team came up with a rapid engineered solution to overcome the problems. Their solution included introducing manganese bronze stems and further salt resistance materials.

There was a tight schedule for this project but the team were able to supply the new valves on time. Despite having to use upgraded specification products to tolerate the extreme conditions, the solution was well with the budget expectations of the treatment plan. The site was able to undertake the effluent treatment plant refurbishment and continue running without interruption.

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