Pump failure at a water processing plant over the Christmas break left Eric Wright Water in need of an emergency pump replacement. Despite unsuccessfully being able to source a pump elsewhere, TT Pumps managed to find an alternative solution that quickly resolved the issue.


Eric Wright Water Ltd is a construction company working in the water and wastewater industry. Over the Christmas break they experienced pump failure on a key processing plant. They urgently needed to find a emergency pump replacement for a Pillinger end suction centrifugal pump. However, despite making contact with multiple pump suppliers throughout the UK, they were unsuccessful.


Armed with the details of the failed pump, Eric Wright Water Ltd got in touch with T-T Pumps. After taking a look at the details we managed to find an alternative replacement that would solve the issue. The solution came from the Saer IR range of end suction centrifugal pumps. The unit was ex-stock and available for immediate dispatch to the customer. 

The Eric Wright Water engineers ordered and collected the pump on the same day. They installed the pump in a matter of hours to their client's delight.

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