J Range Pumps & Control Panels, The Scottish Salmon Company

- Two J range pumps were supplied through a contractor to The Scottish Salmon Company
- The pumps were required to move freshwater to a tank as part of a cleaning process for the Salmon that had been in seawater.

The Scottish Salmon Company is committed to supplying over 30,000 tonnes of Scottish Salmon to over 26 countries. They pride themselves on using the most sustainable and ethical methods of farming, harvesting and processing the highest quality of salmon.

The Problem

The Scottish Salmon Company was losing approximately 5000-6000 fish to a skin disease that was amongst the fish born in seawater habitats. They needed a process that would clean the fish before putting them into the farming habitats. This freshwater cleaning process would reduce the lost fish to around 6.

The client approached T-T for a solution that would transport 4000m3 per day from a freshwater source to a holding tank for the fish to be cleaned in once delivered. The pumps would need to transfer the water quickly when the Well Boat arrived.

The total distance from the freshwater source to the holding tank is 1600m, so the pumps needed to pump the required head to reach this distance.

The Solution

T-T supplied two JE6-400 45kW pumps complete with ancillary equipment including discharge bends, air valves, non-return valves, and flow meters.

The pumps operate on a duty standby basis and required two control panels to aid operation. One control panel is situated in the pump house and the following at the storage tank. The control panels continually communicate pump status and tank level status for continual operation.

T-T recommended 8” pipework to be installed, this was required to achieve flow and to withstand the pressure that would occur when the pumps were operating and transporting the vast amount of liquid.

To complete the project, T-T attended The Scottish Salmon Company site to install and commission the pumps and control panels, ensuring the equipment is working as desired for the client.

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