Jane Delicata of T-T Pumps

The 40-year old has more than 23 years experience as an engineer and currently manages the Controls Division at T-T, providing electrical control systems on a range of high profile projects including the London Underground and F1 cars. Jane is also the mother of a young daughter and is a keen motorsport enthusiast.

How do you find working in a primarily male environment?

I love it. The fact you can visit somewhere with a male colleague and they'll think you're tagging along, but actually you take control of the meeting and ultimately gain their respect.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Every day is different. I get to problem solve for clients who need a solution for an electrical application, and visit some rather unusual sites. There's also the added advantage of having an unusual career for a woman.

What made you want to be an electrician?

My Dad was a service engineer, and from a young I helped him with electrical repairs. When I left school the prospect of working in an office really didn't interest me. I went to see my local technical college to see about electrical engineering and was on the course within a week.

What type of work are you involved in?

T-T Pumps Ltd employ 140+ staff, and is involved in all aspects of pumping systems. This ranges from projects for water authorities, to agricultural biogas and anaerobic digestion systems. I manage the Controls Division. We also provide electrical control systems for other industries, some of our most memorable being a F1 race team.

What sort of reaction do you get from customers?

I usually get 'it's an unusual career for a female, how did you get into this line of work?' More often than not enough, they're genuinely interested.

What are the career prospects for a female in the industry?

I have had a highly rewarding career doing something different from the norm and I would encourage other females to consider the industry. My greatest achievement has been securing valuable framework contracts with Transport For London for their pumping and control system requirements with our company.

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