Grand Designs Tenby Lifeboat Station - Pumping System

Onneley based T-T with their diverse capabilities and products were selected to supply the pumping system for the Grand Designs project which aired on Wednesday 28th September 2011.

Incorporated in the restorations of the rusting and rotten hulk of an old lifeboat station in Tenby, the company and its team supplied and commissioned a system to deal with the buildings wastewater.

However, this project was no normal feat, with careful considerations towards the location of the system, extreme weather conditions and access for maintenance.

To be suspended under the property, T-T supplied two submersible sewage pumps within a stainless steel tank, a bespoke control panel and a small chemical dosing unit - to inject chemicals into the tank to prevent odours, septicity and to break up congealed fat build up.

T-T, has over 60 years experience in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of pump, control, valve and environmental products and systems. These products are complimented by our support services including project assistance and after-sales support.

But can the team complete the renovations into a beautiful modern home with far reaching views of the sea?

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