Charring Cross Tube Station - Control Panel & Pumps

On Thursday 24th March 2011 a London Underground tube line was suspended after a station was flooded by water leaking from the fountains at Trafalgar Square. Contractors working for the Greater London Assembly accidentally chopped through a section of water pipe which feeds the fountains.

The London fire brigade was called shortly after 10am with one engine on the scene to pump out water which had ran into the station.

Directly underneath the fountain is Charring Cross Tube Station which is de-watered by a number of control panels and seven pumps provided by T-T. Under such circumstances, where a deluge of water was flooding down the escalators submerging the track, T-T's equipment was still fully operating, battling against submergence. After continuous pumping under these unforeseen circumstances, normal service was resumed with all equipment operating like nothing had happened.

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