T-T Pumps supplied specific and unique recoil non-slam check valves for South West Water’s Fowey sewer upgrade project, helping protect this picture-postcode Cornish harbour town from future sewage flooding events.

The Problem

The pretty community of Fowey is a bustling port and hugely popular tourist destination in South Cornwall. In recent years, the town’s residents experienced several internal and external sewage flooding centred around the Whitford Yard and Lostwithiel Street areas, causing some significant disruption.

To protect the area from future flooding, South West Water designed a new sewer installation project that would transform the 70 metre-long existing sewer between Whitford Yard and the Town Quay pumping station.

Completed in February and March of 2021, the project South West Water undertook had some significant challenges, not least negotiating the narrow streets of Fowey and the need to close main thoroughfares. The project had to be managed carefully to minimise disruption, including component deliveries to the site.

South West Water's planning for the Fowey sewer upgrade was detailed and included state-of-the-art valves that would be integral to deliver a reliable defence against any future sewage flooding. Once the project's specifications were complete, it was apparent which company had the valve technology needed and could supply this time-sensitive project with ease.

The Solution

The Fowey sewer upgrade project needed a supplier of specific and unique recoil non-slam check valves.  As the only supplier who could meet their requirements, T-T Pumps successfully supplied DN150 recoil non-slam check valves, the perfect choice for the demanding environment of the Fowey sewer.

Unique to T-T Pumps, the DN150 valves feature weld deposit bronze seats, unlike competitor valves that tend to offer push-fit seats, which risk detachment under higher velocities. Also, the T-T Flow recoil check valve's unique design ensures rapid closure where extreme flow exists. Its robust design incorporates an angled seat and a high eccentricity design to reduce the risk of water hammer and valve slam.

In addition, mechanical assistance is gained by reducing inertia coupled with the optimal suspension of the moving components. This makes them the ideal check valves for reducing water hammer in supply systems, often caused by sudden changes in pump state, benefitting from reduced door travel to minimise the potentially damaging effects of water hammer. 

Ultimately, the Fowey project was successful via detailed advanced planning, which included using a supplier that consistently meets the high demands of companies across the water industry.

South West Water knew they had to partner with multiple contractors to deliver the Fowey sewer upgrade on time and with the minimum level of disruption to residents, helping protect the town from future sewage flooding.

T-T Pumps' long-term development of recoil value technology and its position as a direct supplier meant South West Water had to look no further for the essential valve supplier they needed.

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