SEGRO Logistics Park, Two Pumping Stations plus Refurbishment of an Existing Pumping Station

SEGRO Logistics Park East Midlands Gateway, located next to East Midlands Airport is a 700-acre development with planning consent for up to 6,000,000sq ft of logistics space. The development incorporates a rail freight terminal, capable of handling up to sixteen 775m freight trains per day, container storage and HGV parking.

As part of the development, a comprehensive drainage system was required, for which T-T manufactured and supplied two concrete sump pumping stations and refurbished an existing pumping station which T-T installed somewhat 20 years ago.

The principle pumping station consists of a 2.4m internal diameter by 7.5m deep concrete sump, installed in the sump is two PTS heavy duty chopper pumps with a duty of 50.5 l/sec. The PTS chopper pumps were selected due to their robust double chopping system, which is capable of chopping and pumping rags, wipes and debris to ensure the pumping station doesn’t block. The PTS pumps were ideal for this industrial application where waste may include material which are potentially harmful to traditional sewage pumps.

The 15kW motor pumps are controlled via T-T control gear, the level control (via ultrasonic) communicate to a T-T manufactured control panel to operate the pumps on a duty/standby basis.

Due to the length of the rising main, T-T recommended having a surge analysis report completed. The study identifies the worst-case pressure surge scenarios, so the essential provisions can be included in the pumping station design to prevent any damages from a surge.

The completed report identified three recommendations to alleviate any risk of vapour pressure, these included, adding an automatic air release valve, include pumps with a soft stop over 30 seconds and alter the sump levels.

The rail terminal pumping station installed has a 2.1m internal diameter and is 5m deep, the discharge rate of the system needed to be 5.0 l/sec. The appropriate pumps for this application were selected and installed on a guide rail system. The appropriate ancillaries were supplied to complete the project.

Finally, T-T refurbished a pumping station that they installed previously on the site in 1999. The original pumping station was installed to take surface water off, at the time, the newly remodelled A50. Now that is has been remodelled again, Leicestershire City Council asked their contractor to refurbish the pumping station based on T-T’s recommendations. Firstly, the T-T team completed a site visit to assess the nature of the refurbishment. From the site visit it was apparent that the following equipment was required:

  • Control panel and kiosk
  • 2 x downlegs with pedestals and 90° bends
  • 2 x Non-return valves
  • 2 x flange adaptors
  • Level control float switches and ultrasonics
  • Pumps
  • Lifting chain

T-T sourced and supplied the equipment and returned to fit the pumps from our Uniqa range over the three day period, which involved closure of the A50 whilst the works and overpumping took place. Finally T-T commissioned the three pumping stations.

Refurbishment of pumping station at East Midlands Logistics Park

T-T are pleased to be selected for another major project in the UK. For more information on our pumping stations, visit:

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