Warwick Castle Lodges - Trojans

As part of the Warwick Castle development, thirteen luxury lodges have been constructed in the ancient woodlands. These lodges are their Knight’s Village Lodges, where attendees can have an exclusive sleepover in the woodland before experiencing a day of entertainment, including re-enactment battle parties, banquets and jousting. Each lodge comprises of a double bedroom and two bunks with wet room and terrace which is suitable for the whole family.

Due to the lodges being located in an ancient woodland which is Grade I listed, the consultants and contractors had to abide to strict construction rules. One which permitted excavations beyond a certain depth. This meant that a traditional underground drainage pumping station was not a viable option.

T-T proposed and later supplied seven Trojan units. The Trojan units served individual luxury lodges and the rising mains ran under raised board-walks to the point of discharge, which then transported the effluent via gravity to a T-T Planet Range package pumping station for removal to the nearest sewer system.

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