Founded in 1863 Stoke City FC have not only changed by their name and their status in professional football but also in their commitment to developing Stoke City FC into a landmark and supporting the infrastructure of Stoke-On-Trent. Having moved to the Bet365, formerly known as the Britannia stadium, Stoke City FC are celebrating their 20th birthday in their current home by renovating and rejuvenating the ground.

T-T has once again been chosen as a supplier to Stoke City FC during this development phase. We have selected a Saturn pumping station from our Planet range of package pumping stations to facilitate the drainage with a flow rate of 2.84l/s from the new Media Suite. Stoke City FC were concerned about septicity of the station due to seasonal use, however with our guidance and advanced control equipment this issue was resolved with advice on when to flush and supplied with a fully automatic control panel which will run the pumps for 1-2 seconds per week to avoid the pumps seizing.

This particular Saturn pumping station is supplied with two pumps, 80mm pipework, one 80mm gate valve and two 80mm reflux valves. All the components are housed in a polyethylene chamber ready for installation on site. The station is also supplied with an access cover as standard. Optional extras were made available including a monitoring system and control panel kiosk.

We pride ourselves on our quick, efficient and complete service, this station was ready for delivery to site within 7 working days of the official order being complete.

For more information, call +44 (0) 1630 647200. Want to find out more about the selection and installation of a pumping station? We now offer a RIBA approved CPD which can be held at your office at a time and date to suit you!