Prosiectslyri Project, North Wales - Slurry Separator

T-T Pumps have just supplied a Slurry Separator to a research farm in North Wales as part of the Prosiectslyri Project, a £1.1M project funded by the Welsh Government through the rural development plan.

The Prosiectslyri Project is a Welsh Government and European funded innovative project, addressing the agricultural industry’s impact on the environment. Based in Gelli Aur College farm, the project is working with Swansea based water purification company Power and Water over a period of three years, to develop a dewatering and purification pump system to manage farm slurry.

This system works by pumping raw slurry to one of two mechanical pump separators, a screw press filter or decanting centrifuge. The separated solids are dropped below and are stored for later use, containing vital nutrients in which are naturally contained in cow slurry and can be spread on fields as fertiliser. The liquid proportion enters the treatment process where oxidation breaks down the ammonia to nitrogen and hydrogen, which becomes clear and is then safe to be recycled on the farm. Any remaining solids discovered during this process are then added back to the compressed slurry.

For this project, T-T Pumps supplied a SM 260 Mini Separator pump, constructed in cast iron with components made in treated stainless steel. This has a rotary, double-threaded screw in a longitudinal slit filter, with the ability to produce up to 30% dry matter. Some more technical details here.

According to Farming UK, the equipment is exceeding expectations and extracting 90 per cent of liquid from the slurry, 10% higher than what was anticipated initially.

Ben Nash, sales director at T-T Pumps, comments “We are grateful to have the opportunity to be part of such an innovative project. It’s early days in the project but this is huge for the Agricultural industry and a step in the right direction. We can’t wait to see the results of this over the next two years and see it employed in farms across the country.”

Lesley Griffith, technical officer at the Prosiectslyri Project, comments “In all of our dealings with T-T Pumps, Prosiectslyri Project have found them to be very efficient and supportive at all times. We would gladly recommend their products and services to others.”

T-T Pumps have a fully qualified team of technical advisors to help decide the right product for the application, including expertise in both agricultural, and anaerobic digestion and biogas applications. As demand increases for environmentally efficient and cost-effective methods of handling waste products, T-T have developed a product range and has the capabilities to provide a comprehensive service to meet agricultural and environmental needs. To find out more about our Slurry Separator or to speak to a member of the team, on +44(0)1630 647200 or visit

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