Water Distribution Network, Kurdistan Region - Valves

T-T Flow supports the Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Municipality and Tourism General Directorate of Water and Sewage, with the upgrade of vital potable water distribution network infrastructure in the Kurdistan region. On completion, a state-of-the-art water treatment plant shall be constructed serving the community with 600,000 m³/day of safe and clean drinking water. Working closely with a specialist international contractor, T-T supplied thirteen Aquabrake® air valves with integral rapid fill technology to safeguard the efficient management of air in the pipelines, minimising the damaging phenomena of water hammer.

The Aquabrake® is a single chamber lightweight air valve available in several variants all conforming to EN1074 Part 4 and having WRAS approval for potable water applications.  In this instance, the valves were rated to 25 Bar and perform four operational functions; first being the controlled release of bulk air from the system as it charges. Secondly, the intake of bulk air during the draining phase to prevent destructive vacuums and negative pressure conditions. Thirdly; the automatic release of small accumulations of air within the valve, and finally; during periods of excessive outflow velocity the rapid fill mechanism is engaged avoiding fast approaches of water column which prevents sudden closing and slam.

The Aquabrake® forms part of a family of products from T-T having WRAS approval, which extends to include the Aquavault® range of resilient seat gate valves, butterfly valves, swing check valves and Hi-dro Boost® fixed and variable speed water boosting pump sets. For more information about this project, speak to a member of the technical team on +44(0) 1630 647200 or email response@ttpumps.com.

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