Specifically designed and engineered for the rough and tough life found on site, contractors’ pumps are heavy duty pumps for industrial applications and use by contractors. Read on to learn more about our range and the main things to consider in contractor pump selection for your specific application. 

What Is a Contractor Pump?

Contractors’ pumps can include submersible pumps designed for dewatering, industrial use, civil construction, quarries and mining, silt removal and sand transfer applications.

T-T’s range of contractors’ pumps includes both electric submersible contractor pumps and hydraulic pumps powered by a separate powerpack or a mini digger.

Our popular Kino Titan range of Submersible Contractors’ Pumps includes models ideal for site drainage, process supply, heavy slurry handling, dewatering and irrigation. Variants are available with adjustable level control, high heads and agitator for solids handling as required.

Meanwhile, our range of small contractors’ pumps provide dependable solutions for a wide range of applications across industries including construction, mining, quarrying and even the emergency services. Designed for effective dewatering and nuisance water handling, products include the popular Liberator Submersible Drainage Pump, Liberator Vortex and the revolutionary PuddlePal.

Contractor Pumps Selection

Selecting the right contractors’ pump for your application will ensure reliable and efficient long-term operation.

One of the first things to consider is the type of liquid being pumped, such as clear water, muddy water, or water with solid contents including sand or gravel, in which case a specialist pump will be required. The KT Sand Devil, for example, is a high performance contractor pump designed to handle abrasive liquid and is equipped with an agitator for handling sand and small solids.

Another critical point in contractor pump selection is the required flow and the volume of water that needs to be drained. You’ll also need to consider the discharge pipework, including its length and whether the paperwork rises or falls. The pump will be situated to the point of discharge needed; from this information we will be able to calculate the head, which is the hydraulic height that the pump must be capable of to pump the required volume.

Something else to take into account is the available power supply and its distance from the control box, which will determine the length of cable required. 

T-T Pumps offer a wider range of robust, reliable and carefully engineered contractors’ pumps suitable for almost any application.

We’re always happy to advise and help you select the most suitable solution to meet your requirements. For expert advice, just give our friendly team a call on +44 (0)1630 647200.