T-T supply a range of domestic pumping stations which are suitable for removal of waste from shower and toilet blocks, perfect for glamping, camping and other leisure parks.

The Loopak is a domestic pumping unit for removal of waste from a toilet to sewer level. The plug and play product is unique in is discrete appearance and ease of fitting and maintenance. The unit can be fitted to any European standard W.C. bowl with horizontal discharge. The Loopak and Loopak Pro can be maintained with no mess as the motor can be serviced or replaced without disturbing the toilet and waste connections. The Loopak Pro Plus has a more heavy-duty design that must be fully removed.

The Utility Box is a high-quality polypropylene tank intended for collecting water exclusively from domestic drains, including washing machines, showers and sinks. The plug and play domestic pumping unit has many features to ensure efficient removal of water to the nearest sewer, this includes an audible alarm in case of critical high water, ensuring there are no mishaps which is vital in the leisure industry.

The Trojan is a range of compact above ground pumping stations, they are a complete unit as they are supplied with pumps, valves and control panel. The Trojan units are suitable for installation anywhere where there is a need for removal of waste water or sewage, where drainage cannot be achieved by gravity and a typical underground pumping station is not a viable option.

The T-T range of pumping equipment for the leisure industry is reliable and efficient, ensuring the outdoor or leisure facility can be managed worry free. For more information visit www.ttpumps.com or call 01630647200.