The Cri-man PTH Chopper Pump has proven to provide the highest performance for solids handling and reliability. This makes the chopper pump an important tool for farm slurry spreading.

Farm Slurry Spreading and LESSE Requirements

Farm slurry spreading is becoming increasingly demanding with the LESSE (Low Emission Slurry Spreading Equipment) requirements. LESSE aims to minimise ammonia and avoid pollution while still gaining the maximum nutrient value from the slurry to the soil. 

Data coming from the DAERA (Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affair) shows that the slurry needs to be chopped in order to allow efficient distribution and minimise the ammonia discharge. Through exhaustive tests it's become apparent that the Shoe Plate distribution has the poorest performance for controlling ammonia. The Trailing Hose, Trailing Shoe and Shallow Injection distribution, however, require chopped slurry to perform effectively without the risk of blockage. The latter has shown to give best performance overall. LESSE systems can reduce the risk of nitrogen loss by up to 60%. At the same time it reduces ammonia pollution by 70- 80% by using Shallow Injection. 

Many contractors run LESSE spreading systems so it's become essential to pre-chop the product prior to spreading. This pre-chopping process reduces the risk of blockages at the applicator. It also allows the system to deliver slurry evenly on to the ground.  

The Cri-man PTH Solution

The Cri-man PTH Chopper Pump has proven to provide the perfect solution. Steve Marchant, of S W Marchant Agri Limited from Kent, said; “We have used various pumps for years and always found that because the pump would pass larger lumps of manure the macerator on the applicator could frequently block. Since moving to the Cri-man PTH Chopper Pump from T-T Pumps we have noted minimal disruption to the operation. This allows us to concentrate on the job in hand”.  

Because of the Cri-man PTH Chopper Pump's peak performance, it can also be run at a reduced rpm. Steve noted that it's delivering more pressure and flow than his previous pumps, giving the further advantage of much reduced fuel costs. 

With the need for pre-chopping in slurry spreading, the Cri-man PTH chopper pump adds efficiency and performance to the process.

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