Controlling and monitoring pumping systems is key for performance. While achieving the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) is important, it’s also vital to continually monitor and control the system. Doing this will maintain optimum performance of the pumping system over time. And the benefits become even more powerful with the capabilities of remote monitoring.

Monitoring and controlling operational performance ensures you’re meeting the needs of your system process and maintaining maximum efficiency at all times. While even basic motor starters offer a form of pump protection from short circuit or overload, they only offer simplistic monitoring and give little indication of the demands of the system.

Using technically advanced and intelligent remote monitoring control systems, you can oversee several elements seamlessly in real-time. Variables such as pressure, flow rate, rate of change in level and the current consumption of a motor can all be logged. This allows you to understand current real-time performance and build up historical data over time. 

Collecting minute-by-minute data gives a true indication of how a pump is used and shows performance over 365 days a year. The data can also be used to schedule service visits, assess the urgency of breakdown visits and determine any potential underlying issues in the system. 

What's more, many restrictions on physical visits in the current climate have caused issues for on-site monitoring. Remote monitoring and intelligent control eliminates these issues as it becomes increasingly more prevalent.

It's clear to see that effective controlling and monitoring of pumping systems have clear benefits on performance. Use this approach to take your pumping system operation to the next level.

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