Sewers for Adoption Pumping Station.

An alternative to the private system is the adoptable approach whereby the local Water Authority takes ownership of the pumping station and maintenance eventually, once all their criteria are satisfied to the industry guidance notes valid at the point of application.

Normally limited to pumping stations up to 30kW with a maximum flow of 100l/s.

Pumping Stations historically come under Part D of Section 104. (Water Industry Act 1991) and before any construction an agreement must be in place with local Water Company.  As of 2020, a new set of industry guidance notes have been published via Water UK, which eventually will supersede the previous Sewers for Adoption ruling as laid out by WRC. 

This is a more costly and time-consuming option as the equipment and system must meet the Water Company’s very stringent specifications in addition to the fees required for the adoptable process.

More space is necessary for this option which could be the size of a housing plot, you need to consider this before deciding.

From selection through to commissioning is a complex process and needs specialist knowledge, from a provider whom understand the intricacies of the Sewers for Adoption process, at TT Pumps we specialise in pumping systems and you can be sure you will get the best support for your pumping needs.

adoptable pumping stations
 Typical Sewers for Adoption Pumping Station.

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