Resilient Seat Gate Valve - Our NEW Flyer

The Aquavault is a resilient seat gate valve that is designed specifically for pipeline isolation. With full WRAS approval it is a highly regarded product for potable water applications and buried duty service.

Check T-T’s new Aquavault flyer

Our new flyer presents a clear and concise overview of the Aquavault, including a cross sectional graphic to highlight technical specifications for key product features. This handy guide provides a visually appealing and informative breakdown, so that you can visualise the inner mechanisms of the Aquavault and the technical features that make the resilient seat wedge gate valve such an innovative design.

Aquavault Flyer

Why choose the resilient seat gate valve?

When choosing the right valve for your particular application and media it is often a daunting process. Where do you start? With the new resilient seat wedge gate flyer we hope to provide you with more information to help further your understanding and help you make a more informed decision.

Designed in the UK, the Aquavault is a unique lightweight ductile iron design which provides a reduced weight to strength ratio, as well as a low maintenance solution. The wedge guides and rolled spindle thread have been constructed to reduce operating friction, whilst corrosion is reduced due to the wax filled fasteners and high chromium stainless steel spindle. Additionally, stem seals are replaceable when under pressure and lifespan is optimised due to the integral captive wedge nut.

Technical information

If you require any further technical information please see our Aqualvault datasheet by simply clicking the link below:

Technical Datasheet

Alternatively, if you would like any additional help and clarification please don’t hesitate to call our specialist advisors on 01630 647111 who will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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