Efficient Civil Construction

Construction of a Sewage Pumping Station is fraught with difficulties whether it be ground conditions, weather or ground water.

The real challenge comes, to when completing the benching to the pump providers specification, the difficulty of working in a confined space whilst trying to create the right angles and spacing is an achievement.

TT Pumps Ready Sump with demonstration pumps in place

With the development of concrete rings and good availability, traditional methods of creating the benching by forming concrete in the base of a pump chamber are being superseded by preformed bases, which are factory  manufactured to precise standards.

It makes good economic sense to utilise the preformed bases and can be ordered at the same time along with the concrete rings for speedy construction. Many builders and ground-workers have enjoyed the benefits of uses preformed sump bases for accuracy and ease of installation on their commercial pumping stations.

Ready  Sump is one of the innovations designed for Sewage Pumping Stations and is greatly used for Sewage for Adoption (SFA) schemes in the UK. It is a sewage, drainage and effluent pumping station precast concrete sump.