T-T gain ISO9001:2015 Quality Management certification!

T-T is pleased to announce, via our notified body LRQA that we have successfully transitioned to the latest ISO9001:2015 quality management system. Having obtained the ISO9001 standard since 1998, T-T have reaped the benefits of using the system throughout the company’s operations and daily procedures. The quality management system ensures we can provide an excellent service and extremely high quality products for all our customers.

During the transition period between ISO9001:2008 and ISO9001:2015, we believe we have enhanced our relationships with our customers and have continued to provide the highest quality products in the industry, whilst continually improving on systems that have already been instilled into the daily running’s of the business. We ensure that we are continually examining opportunities to improve the way in which we work, and everyone at T-T has an input into creating a successful and fast moving business model.

Our Quality Co-Ordinator, Anthony Brisbourne, comments “The various industries in which we work require us to ensure we are on top of the latest legislation, standards and inspection of incoming and outgoing goods to the benefit of T-T and our customers. Therefore we need to provide high quality products that are backed up with an excellent service. ISO9001:2015 helps to ensure that we do this by allowing us to meet our customers’ requirements, needs and expectations and improve on them wherever we can. Throughout the company, everyone at T-T is invested in the quality management system and ensures that all parts of the Quality System are used and adhered to, allowing us to create and provide great products, at T-T we are always looking to amaze the customer.”

T-T have worked hard to create a quality management system that benefits our customers and depicts what T-T stands for; demonstrating our commitment to high quality products, continual improvements to the business, consistently delivering to our clients expectations and having the compliance to all relevant regulatory requirements.

We always welcome feedback here at T-T on +44 (0) 1630 647200 or via email response@ttpumps.com.

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