One of the most comprehensive selections of pumps, controls, valves and environmental products and systems are displayed in their new catalogue!

Alongside an extensive range of products (sewage and wastewater pumps, fuel pumps, pumps, pumps accessories, valves, controls and environmental solutions), the catalogue features a new, superior range of stainless steel, vertical and horizontal multistage clean water pumps, adding a different dimension to T-T's vast product portfolio.

Other new additions within the catalogue include the:

• Trencher®- a heavy duty dewatering pump

• Liberator® and Puddlepal™- submersible drainage pumps

• DR and DG- two new stainless steel submersible drainage pumps

• A series of pressure vessels featuring a 5 year guarantee

• Floaway® anti-flood and Recoil check valves

To get your copy of the new catalogue please contact our head office.

Pump Catalogue

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