T-T Separator System

Pump manufacturer T-T Pumps in partnership with Filpumps of Aberdeen has recently supplied a separator system for Pig producer DW Argo in Scotland.

The system consists of a submersible chopper pump and a submersible mixer mounted in the reception tank feeding the gantry mounted separator. This has been designed to allow full slurry management by reducing solids content in the slurry, which allows extra storage in the above ground store and optimum utilisation of the resulting fractions.

After careful examination of the mounted separator application and due to the height of the separated liquor store, a T-T Package Pumping Station was installed and utilised. This allowed the separator to be mounted at a lower level and the separated liquor pumped up to the store, which features a dual submersible mixing system controlled by a multi-functional style Control Panel designed and manufactured by T-T at their head office in Cheshire.

Various application videos featuring Separators and PTS Chopper Pumps can be viewed on http://www.youtube.com/user/ttpumps1

If you are interested in separation products or pumping systems, please contact Filpumps 01467 623010, or T-T Pumps Ltd on 01630 647200. Why not visit www.filpumps.co.uk or www.ttpumps.com for more information?

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