T-T Support Local Schools with Engineering Workshops

Although it might seem young to be talking to ten and eleven year olds about their futures and careers, T-T see the importance of inspiring the next generation at an early age. This is why T-T have put together a workshop that engages and excites young children about becoming the next generation of engineers.

Here at T-T we question, what would the world do without engineers? We design, create, build and facilitate daily life in so many ways. We wonder what would happen if the next generation lost all interest in a profession we are so passionate about. This is why we are passionate about getting the younger generation interested in the engineering world. There are so many opportunities to express and enhance a wide variety of skill sets, and it is our aim to show this to children in our local area.

We have now ventured into a couple of local schools and the feedback has been both positive and rewarding, we are pleased that our workshops are having an impact and exciting the children. The workshops start with a quick show and tell of our products to see if the children firstly can guess what our members of the team do for a living and two can decipher what T-T do as a company, the varying answers have been entertaining! Next we take the children through a number of activities to get them to understand what their skills are and how they can develop them to become a successful engineer. Finally we test the children’s creative skills with a competition to design the best new control panel for T-T!

Jane Delicata our Controls Manager who is leading the workshops comments ‘I got into engineering at a young age when I helped my father as a child in his workshop. I personally feel passionate about passing this onto the next generation to show them that they can achieve whatever they want too with a little effort and passion. The workshops have been a great success so far and I hope we can continue to inspire as many local children as possible.’

T-T design, manufacture and install pumps, valves, controls and pumping stations, for more information on what we do and how we are helping to develop the next generation of engineers call 01630647200 or visit www.ttpumps.com.
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