Picture the scenario. You open the box to see your shiny new pump. You’re ready to go, until it dawns on you that you’re yet to tackle the 57-page manual before even thinking of operating the equipment. As vital as manuals are, sometimes you just need the basic ‘How Tos’ and unfortunately there is a lot of excess information required within technical documentation that can make you feel a bit snowed under.

Often, people just don’t have enough time anymore. Our lives have been optimised by constant access to the internet, meaning that the majority of information is only the touch of a button away. If you haven’t found your answer out within in a minute, chances are you get frustrated and start to look elsewhere.

That’s why at T-T we have taken the initiative to create a series of How To Guide video clips. Directed with quick answers in mind, our videos comprise of easy-to-follow steps for some of our most common customer queries.

Our new short videos are around 3 minutes long and feature Tony our T-T expert, guiding you step-by-step through some handy installation and maintenance tips of our most popular products. The videos include how to install a Float Switch, changing the lever arm on a swing check valve and converting a Liberator and PuddlePal pump.

This is just the beginning… there are many more helpful videos on the way, to ensure you are always equipped when it comes to using T-T products.

How To Install a Float Switch

If you are having issues installing a float switch you can check out our ‘How-To Install a Float Switch’ video which features our brand new float switches. This video guides you through the steps required to affix a counterweight to a float switch ready for installation.

The FLO range is designed to meet the demands and requirements of reliable level control. We have ensured our float switches are economic, efficient and easy to install and maintain. The float switches have been in testing for many years to ensure they are of the highest quality.

We have the up-most confidence in the complete usability of the float switch range, this is why we have developed a number of detailed supporting documentation. We recognise the importance that the end user has for on-hand technical advice in multiple formats and therefore we have developed pictorial manuals, and the new How-To video is just another way for our clients to ensure they are equipped with all the knowledge needed to use the Float Switch range.

How To Video

How To Convert a Liberator and PuddlePal

We have also developed a how to video to enable you to optimise your fleet by using our conversion kit to convert a Liberator to a PuddlePal and vice-versa. This step-by-step tutorial is available on our mobile and tablet compatible website to ensure you can always gain the information you need no matter where you are.

T-T’s contractor pumps, the Liberator and PuddlePal have always been very successful since their initial launch back in 2012, due to the ability to be able to convert the pumps, ensuring you always get the maximum usability out of your hire fleet.

The Liberator is an essential pump for the removal of ground water containing sand and silt, and the PuddlePal is a submersible pump which has the ability to pump down to 1mm, making it ideal for removing water from flat surfaces. New for 2016 the Liberator and PuddlePal are now available in 316 Stainless Steel making them chemical resistant and suitable for salt water applications.

How To Video

How To Change The Lever Arm On a Swing Check Valve

When selecting a swing check valve, versatility is usually a top requirement. It is important that swing check valves can be adapted to suit areas of limited access, or where an obstruction may prevent standard orientation (…or you may even want to change the lever arm on your swing check valve for aesthetic purposes.) This how to video talks you through the steps of changing a lever arm on a swing check valve from one side to the other to enable complete versatility, ensuring your swing check valve can always operate in any desired location.

How To Video

Your Feedback

At T-T we always appreciate feedback, if you have any comments on our How To videos, or you have any suggestions of videos you would like to see, please email marketing@ttpumps.com. If you would like any more information on our products or services, call our office on +44(0)1630 646200.