Here are our Waste Disposal Advice for our Package Pump Stations

Pumping Stations are designed to act as a collection point for waste, which is stored in a large chamber, before pumping this material to the main sewer. They are designed to pump human waste and toilet paper only.

Various inappropriate materials are disposed of down toilets; such products include nappies, sanitary items and cotton wool. These products amongst others cause unnecessary blockages within waste pipes, pumping station breakdowns and premature pump failures, this then leads to serious problems including flooding of your home or someone else’s.

Domestic waste pipes are typically only 100mm (4 inches) in diameter, and even local sewers will rarely be greater than 150mm (6inches).

It is therefore not surprising if blockages occur if inappropriate material is flushed down the toilet or plug hole.

Please don’t flush:
*Cigarette butts; *Dental Floss;
*Tights; *Medicines;
*Syringes and needles; *Plasters
*Razors; *Used Bandages; *Sanitary items
*Disposable nappies; *Liners; *Colostomy Bags
*Incontinence pads; *Contact lenses
*Cotton wool; *Cotton buds; *Contraception
*Cleaning wipes; *Baby Wipes; *Toothbrushes