T-T PUMPS "Super Size" the popular Planet Range of Package Pumping Stations

T-T PUMPS has introduced a new series of Package Pumping Stations to its already popular Planet Range.

The XL and XXL Planet Range of Package Pumping Stations, designed and manufactured in the UK by T-T PUMPS, provide an efficient and economical way of installing sewage, drainage and storm water pumping stations for the larger and more demanding applications.

XL and XXL Pumping Stations are designed for use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications, where no gravity drainage is possible, and also to provide on-site retention where large flows may occur. The XL and XXL range is designed to cater for dual and triple pump configurations, 50mm to 200mm in size, with discharge flows from 21/s to 6001/s.

Storage volumes from 10m3 up to 90m3 are available within a single chamber design, and greater storage volumes can be achieved by inking additional chambers together.

Each pump chamber is manufactured in strong GRP, complete with pipe work pre-assembled within the chamber, ready for installation into the ground on site. The pumps and Control Gear are supplied separately for installastion and configuration after the Civil installation is complete. T-T PUMPS offers a full M&E installation, and our After-sales Service and Maintenance Package should this be required.

All Package Pumping Stations will be selected by our experienced and fully qualified Sales Engineers, to suit each individual application.

Please contact our Sales Team on 01630 647 200 for further information